Stock of the Week – HANS – Part 1

Market – S&P 500: MA(50) below price, below MA(200), don’t buy yet.

HANS – Hansen Natural Corporation, Midcap, Consumer Goods, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, $45.88

Stock in Focus - HANSThis week’s stock in focus is a beverage company. The name was picked up through my Growth High Performance Screener. It produces a range of drinks: fruity natural soda canned drinks, juices, energy drinks, teas and more. Natural is the keyword here, good for the health conscious.

The natural soda range caught my interest. It has a wide variety of fruity or natural tastes like ginger ale , lime , cherry vanilla, raspberry and mango orange. They are all natural cane soda. If you visit the website, you can find the nutritional facts, which reveal that the drinks have no more than 170 calories and no fat at all. It certainly offers an alternative to the normal Coke and Pepsi.

What’s also interesting is that the company has been around for quite a while, since the 1930’s. It has certainly survived the good and bad times – a company with stability. Excerpts from its website: “For over 70 years Hansen’s has enjoyed a loyal consumer following for its high quality, delicious all-natural beverages. Hansen’s is a leading marketer of all natural alternative as well as functional beverages”. It is quite recognized nationally, but the company is starting to make presence in foreign markets (refer to my later post “Stock of the Week – HANS – Part 2”).

Disclaimer: Techniques or analysis covered on this website are to be used at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the outcome of applying any of the techniques or analysis, will always be in your favor. You must always do your own analysis and make your own decision before you purchase a stock.

“Stock of the Week” is not a recommendation of stock. It is a coverage of an interesting stock. Unless otherwise stated, no actual purchases or sales of stocks are undertaken. Actions taken are only simulated trading.


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