Stock of the Week – HANS – Part 4 of 4

Stock of the Week - HANS - Energy DrinksMarket – S&P 500: MA(50) is still below MA(200). Not a confirmed uptrend yet. Better not to buy any stocks at this time.
HANS – Hansen Natural Corporation, Midcap, Consumer Goods, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, $45.48 (17 Sept 10)

From the technical point of view, as of 17 September 2010 close of business, the 1 year chart shows that HANS price is on the rise. There is a temporary set-back, but if the market heads up, the price of HANS should adjust itself to point upward. Another aspect that we should watch is the ADX, which is currently at 26 and moving upward (the value is higher than as at the beginning of the month). We should wait until ADX reaches 30, then we can buy the stock.

This is my last note on HANS. Although HANS is found to be fundamentally stable, the timing is not ripe yet. Wait a little longer until the market shows a stronger uptrend. Well, as for now, my portfolio has to remain empty.

Disclaimer: Techniques or analysis covered on this website are to be used at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the outcome of applying any of the techniques or analysis, will always be in your favor. You must always do your own analysis and make your own decision before you purchase a stock.

“Stock of the Week” is not a recommendation of stock. It is a coverage of an interesting stock. Unless otherwise stated, no actual purchases or sales of stocks are undertaken. Actions taken are only simulated trading.


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