Stock of the Week – BRKR – Part 2

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S&P 500: MA(50) is still below MA(200). Better not to buy any stocks at this stage.

BRKR – Bruker Corporation: Technology, Scientific & Technical Instr., Mid-Cap Growth, $13.62 (17 Sept 2010).

In my earlier post, I said I do not understand Bruker as I do not understand the company’s products or services. Well, in a way I feel that it is a pity that a company that turns up in my screener is to be ignored entirely. Perhaps I should dig a little bit deeper. Fortunately for me, WordPress provides its bloggers with Zemanta, an application that automatically suggests related pictures or articles to the post that we make.

Zemanta suggested 3 links in my post “Stock of the Week – BRKR” and I thought: why don’t I see what those articles are, perhaps they will reveal some interesting stuff on BRKR. … Yes, they do show some interesting things:

1. “A Coming Bruker Superconductor IPO (BRKR, ESCT)“,, dd. 3 Sept 2010: the article reveals that Bruker has a subsidiary, Bruker EST, that generated $1.11 billion of revenue in 2009 and Bruker is filing for an IPO for EST with a stock ticker ECST in Nasdaq. The size of the IPO is going to be $100 million. This shows that BRKR is a company with definite growth. About Bruker EST, the article states: ‘Bruker EST is a superconducting technology and enabling tools company that makes materials and devices for growing markets in renewable energy, energy infrastructure, healthcare and what it calls “big science” research’.

2. “Is Bruker Corp. Growing Foolishly?“,, dd. 10 Aug 2010: “Life sciences and materials research company Bruker Corp.(Nasdaq: BRKR) has produced Foolish growth for some time now. Its return on invested capital remains greater than 15%, while most companies’ cost of capital comes in between 8% and 12%. So not only is it creating value, it’s growing faster than the competition, …”. Its five-year sales growth is 29.5%, it is higher than its competitors, Danaher and PerkinElmer with growth rates of 10.4% and 5.3% respectively. Bruker expands and creates value, hence it is worth considering.

3. “Bruker Announces New Scientific Instruments and Software, plus Innovative, Turn-Key Analyzers for the Pharma, Food, Solar, Metals and Advanced Materials Industries”, EON: Enhanced Online News, dd. 23 March 2010: the article says that Bruker launches 9 products and solutions in 2010 alone. The article describes briefly what the 9 products and solutions are, but they are so technical, I’m not sure what they are. Importantly is the fact that a science and technology online news service writes an article on Bruker indicates that it is quite well-known in its industry.

The above articles help us to understand how Bruker is faring in its industry. Despite what I said in my earlier article, it is worth considering. The good thing is that I found these article with the help of a WordPress application, Zemanta. Not only it gives readers of a blog other articles related to the blog, but it also helps the blogger to find other views on his subject matter.

Disclaimer: Techniques or analysis covered on this website are to be used at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the outcome of applying any of the techniques or analysis, will always be in your favor. You must always do your own analysis and make your own decision before you purchase a stock.
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