Why I’m Thinking of Buying Apple Stock


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I was once a Windows PC person, until I bought an iPhone. What made me buy an iPhone? Last April, I was thinking of buying either a Blackberry or an iPhone. I had been using a Motorola for over a year, and it seemed that I was a bit behind in following cell phone trend as compared to my friends, most of them already had a Blackberry. I love gadgets, but at the time I restricted myself from buying anything other than PCs or notebooks, for the reason that anything with a screen smaller than 13 inches I considered too small and not worth looking at.

But as a technology person, I thought it was time that I shouldn’t be behind the others. So I considered buying a Blackberry until one day my wife came up to me and pointed out two things. One, Blackberry is good for chatting and for some reason my wife and I tend to connote chatting with gossiping, … so that wasn’t me. Second point, she had noticed that technology savvy people preferred an iPhone than a Blackberry, … and I always consider myself as a technology savvy person. I was convinced that I was an iPhone person than a Blackberry person, but I still didn’t buy it considering that I still loved my Motorola V8.

Fate changed my intention not to quickly purchase a new cell phone. One day, as I was rushing back to my seat at the office, I bumped into a corner of my desk. I had my Motorola in my right hand trouser pocket, and that was the point that hit the corner of the desk. It was a hard bump and when I took out the Motorola from the pocket, I discovered that the screen was internally broken. I tried to switch it on, but it was kaput. The next day, which happened to be a public holiday, I went to an Apple store and bought an iPhone.

As soon as I got home, I charged my new iPhone and waited for about four hours for a full charge. When the battery was full, I switched on my iPhone and experienced my first real interaction with an Apple (not taking into account of the old times when I owned an Apple IIc in the 80’s). It was cool that I was able to swipe my finger and moved from a screen of application icons to the next. It was cool that I was able to tap my finger on an application icon and interacted with the application with the touch of a finger. I downloaded a few more applications and spent the next 8 hours trying out the different applications. It was incredible that small applications could be so entertaining. I had always thought complex programs with complex graphics were the kinds that could grab my attention for hours. Anything less, I had considered inferior. Apple applications opened up my eyes. Simple programs can give appealing graphics and can also make you immerse yourself with the gadget for hours.

I realized from that day on, Apple products are cool. They are not the results of a hype. I had originally thought that Apple fans were just a different bunch of people who were not so technology savvy. Physical design was the only thing that mattered to them, they got hyped up by advertisements and used an Apple product just to impress others. Well, that’s probably true for some, but the truth that I learned was that Apple products are cool, not just because they are physically appealing, but also the user interface design is great. You feel that you’re in a different computing world when you use an Apple product. The touch is pleasing and the graphics, from icons to menus to the aesthetic look of applications, all are pleasing to the eye.

So as I admired my brand new iPhone, I said to myself, the next notebook that I am going to have will be an Apple. A few months after that, I bought myself a MacBook Pro.

When you think a product is good, that serves as a foundation of buying the stock of the company that produces the product. That’s why I’m thinking of buying AAPL. Now, it’s a waiting game: waiting for the market to confirm an uptrend and also for the ADX indicator on AAPL price chart to come back up to 30 or above. I’m a safe player, I will wait for the two conditions to be fulfilled.

Disclaimer: Techniques or analysis covered on this website are to be used at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the outcome of applying any of the techniques or analysis, will always be in your favor. You must always do your own analysis and make your own decision before you purchase a stock.
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